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The Vibrance Difference

Vibrance Lighting has been delivering quality products to Tucson Arizona for over 5 years. Regardless of your project a Vibrance team member will work out the details with you. We keep a wide variety of items in stock so you can leave with the product you need. The transition to LED has been a complex and confusing journey for most people. When you walk the walls of the big box stores there are hundreds if not thousands of bulb types. When you come into Vibrance with your Residential, Commercial or Automotive project we will personalize a solutions that suites your needs. Lighting is one of the most important aspects of your everyday life. Let us do the leg work.

Residential Lighting

Tucson Arizona is a dynamic and lush community. The only sacrifice is our extremely warm summers. This can lead to increased energy bills that add up quickly. The LED bulb is just starting to gain main stream acceptance. LED bulbs are also very cool in comparison to their CFL and Incandescent cousins. Vibrance Lighting is equipped to look at any energy problem and provide energy solutions. Now that the summer months are approaching replacing you homes bulbs could be just the thing you need to beat the summer heat. We also stock a large selection of strip lighting for the perfect accent to you home.

Commercial Lighting

Commercial lighting is also a place where energy bills rack up. If you own a small or mid-sized business we can send out a Vibrance Certified lighting auditor to show you just how quickly you can make back the investment of changing to LED.

Automotive Lighting

Vibrance has the most diverse selection of aftermarket automotive equipment available in the Tucson Market. We stock HID and LED headlights for you SUV, Truck, Car and now even motorcycles.