Automotive LED lighting provides more options

automotive LED
LEDs bring new automotive lighting options
Automotive design has long favored lighting as both a functional and aesthetic feature and differentiator. This lighting was usually limited to white light bulbs with colored covers. This methodology has limitations on both design and location due to the size, heat dissipated and power needed to operate an incandescent bulb. This has changed with the use of high-brightness LEDs (HBLEDs) for the automotive market.
One of the major changes between designing with LEDs and incandescent lights in the automotive space is the lifetime of the bulbs. Standard incandescent lights have a 500-1000 hr operating life. This results in a design that is based on accessibility for bulb replacement and operating life.
With LEDs, the lifetime is on the order of 10,000-50,000 hrs in HB automotive applications. This long lifetime allows for aesthetic design flexibility that has integrated lighting in modules, panels and hardscape on the interior of the vehicle and safety lighting applications on the exterior.

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